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Homey pairing/setting mock objects

To make custom template development (for pairing and settings) a bit more bearable, I started working on a mock library for the Homey object. The intention is that you can develop most of the templates locally, by mocking the interaction between the template and the driver (for pairing) or app (for settings).

I’ve only implemented a pairing mock object for now, because I needed one myself. A settings mock is also being planned (but feel free to post a PR implementing one, if you want to help out :wink: ).

A settings mock is also implemented.

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I’m on holidays, I’ve been using a settings one - based off your code - with easy overrides for the api data ::: I’ll clean it up and do a PR when I get home in a couple of weeks, if someone else doesn’t share first

I’ve implemented a settings mocks, see https://github.com/robertklep/homey-mocks#settings-api

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