Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop

No, thats not possible with Homey.ink/dash.

Hello @Dijker,

How do you get the resized screen version on your android tablet?
when i click the shortcut on my home screen it automatically goes to full screen?

Does anyone has an tutorial (code) to implement “Buienradar” to my dashboard

Something like this:

Got it:


Any chance u gonna tell how u did it so maybe others can benefit from it also?


Im betting Photoshop :innocent:

someone helped me adding some code in the index file.
This is for adding “buienradar” when i press the tile i’ll get an local overview.

		<!-- scripts -->
		<script type="text/javascript">
			/* Refresh */
				document.getElementById('buienradar').src = "https://api.buienradar.nl/image/1.0/RadarMapNL?w=140&h=140&random="+new Date().getTime();
			}, 300000); // refresh elke 5 minuten

			/* Fullscreen */
			var Fullscreen = document.documentElement;
			/* View in fullscreen */
			function openFullscreen() {
				if (Fullscreen.requestFullscreen) {
				} else if (Fullscreen.mozRequestFullScreen) { /* Firefox */
				} else if (Fullscreen.webkitRequestFullscreen) { /* Chrome, Safari and Opera */
				} else if (Fullscreen.msRequestFullscreen) { /* IE/Edge */
			/* Close fullscreen */
			function closeFullscreen() {
				if (document.exitFullscreen) {
				} else if (document.mozCancelFullScreen) { /* Firefox */
				} else if (document.webkitExitFullscreen) { /* Chrome, Safari and Opera */
				} else if (document.msExitFullscreen) { /* IE/Edge */
		<!-- HTML -->
		<div class="device on" style="text-align:left;padding:0;">
			<a href="https://www.buienradar.nl/weer/Meppel/NL/2750947#main" target="_blank"> <!-- #2750947 = Meppel -->
				<img src="https://api.buienradar.nl/image/1.0/RadarMapNL?w=140&h=140" id="buienradar" class="-width">
		<!-- END Custom -->


Really great progress on this dashboard, following it since the beginning but just started to make one as well based on homeydash github files (to adjust my own needs to it). But somehow i can’t see the temp in the corner of my home. I can adjust it but can’t see it on the control button, any idea? I’m using Edge Chromium.

Edit: I’ve circled the wrong button, it’s the one on the left haha

Did you try to longpress the button?

I can see it then yeah, that’s what i mentioned. I can control it, but a lot of people few posts up, have the information on the button in the corner displayed, so pressing it isn’t needed.

Edit: Nevermind, I guess I forgot to choose the settings (cog in the corner) temp setting within my building… It’s working now thanks

I had Homeydash 1.1.2 running on my NAS but decided to update all the files with the latest ones from GitHub (1.1.6).
Now I get an empty dashboard without any devices.
I’m probably missing something, but anyone have any suggestions?

Hi I think the official HomeyDash version of @DaneedeKruyff is still on version 1.1.2 (https://github.com/daneedk/homeydash.com)
I think you’re trying to use the modified version of @Homey-Cornelisse thats version 1.1.6 (https://github.com/Homeycornelisse/homey.ink)
and to be honest his version on Github is also not working for me now?

@Homey-Cornelisse now has a hosted version (https://homeycornelisse.nl/dash/) also so maybe the version on his Github is not relevant anymore?

Thanks, it does feel a bit unsafe though to use someone else’s hosted version and send your homey-token through, even if it is someone from this forum… I’d rather host everything on my own home-network.
I’m going to play around and see if I can get the local version up and running again.

The version from @DaneedeKruyff on GitGub works fine, only have issues with the version of @Homey-Cornelisse

FYI: Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

@Peter_de_Vos Hi Peter can you share how you enabled the buttons (Lampen TV zenders) in your version?
With about 30 lights and tig more devices my dashboard is getting a bit too long and would like to seperate the devices also in categories like lights, sonos and…


Thanks Danny, I’ve got the @DaneedeKruyff version working again!

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Here is some code for selfhosted version…just to complete this discussion with some other solutions :smile:

//			Überwachungsstatus
			if ( device.capabilitiesObj && device.capabilitiesObj.homealarm_state ){
				if ( device.capabilitiesObj.homealarm_state.value == "disarmed" ){
					$deviceElement.classList.toggle('on', false);
					$deviceElement.classList.toggle('on', true);
				//Click-Event for Icon for changing mode on touch/click
				$deviceElement.addEventListener('click', function() {
					if ( nameChange ) { return } // No click when shown capability just changed
					if ( longtouch ) {return} // No click when longtouch was performed
					if ( device.capabilitiesObj.homealarm_state.value == "disarmed" ){
						//$deviceElement.classList.toggle('on', true);
							deviceId: device.id,
							capabilityId: 'homealarm_state',
							value: 'armed',
						//$deviceElement.classList.toggle('on', false);
							deviceId: device.id,
							capabilityId: 'homealarm_state',
							value: 'disarmed',
				//register eventhandler for mode change
				device.makeCapabilityInstance('homealarm_state', function(value){
					var $deviceElement = document.getElementById('device:' + device.id);
					if( $deviceElement ) {
						if ( device.capabilitiesObj.homealarm_state.value == "disarmed" ){
							$deviceElement.classList.toggle('on', false);
							$deviceElement.classList.toggle('on', true);

I’m using the default Heimdall Surveillance Device in Homey (the one with the house+shield and the surveillance modes).
This Icos is showing the alarm in Homeydash (orange background) because it’s recogniced as sensor, but it’s not showing the mode.
For this I added some Code for:

  1. Showing the state (active/inactive icon)
  2. Make mode change possible with a click on the icon. It changes only between armed and disarmed.

Put this code into homeydash.app.js, function render_devices( ) somewhere after these lines:

devices.forEach(function(device) {
if (!device.ready) {return}
var $deviceElement = document.createElement(‘div’);


could anyone help me here? I want to give the buttons with a co2 values a color for my homey dashboard, the color has succeeded but I am unable to have the color updated automatically as soon as the co2 values change someone have an idea how I can get this done?

Hi, please check the code above. There is a line with “device.makeCapabilityInstance”. This registeres an event handler. When the capability in Homey devices is changed, the Dashboard will execute the code inside the { } brackets.
There you can change your div-element.

Here is another example where I change the color of the displayed temperature when the thermostate temperature is changed:

I think that is what you wanted to do. Good luck :slight_smile:

I use HomeyDash on an old Ipad3 mounted on the wall. I use it on the internal battery. No wires needed. After some minutes not using the screen of the Ipad go to standby and the screen is off. That’s fine. After pushing the on switch the HomeyDash app is directly visible but without actual data. Some lights are switched on with a sensor but in Homeydash the lamp is off for example. After closing HomeyDash an restarting it the problem is solved. btw I don’t use the PI version.

What is a good solution for this problem? For example a (hidden) refresh button.