Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop

Look at this little monster (next step make some welds to delete this cable :slight_smile: )


I would be nice if the temperature shown up in the left should get value from a sensor already in Homey.
Right now the temperature is very off, often by 2-3degrees

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Does anyone have a clue why it’s not working on safari with iOS 9.3.5? Old iPad 3 is still collecting dust

I don’t. . Depends on what version u are using me guess… Have Homeydash.com even running on an iPad 2 with iOS 9.3.5

I’m using the standard version from Athom

Then maybe check this and see if that will work for u. It is working here.

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Can you link your version, the latest?

Thanks Roco👍

His (Daneede) version, is it only online or can you run it local too? (Like on a NAS or some)

All is possible but let’s take that to the other topic shall we?

Here is an article that explains how to use the hadden browser on the hub:

Any local setups with “homey ink on a tablet”, without internet?
Thought i saw some in this or some other thread…cant find it now…

Its right on the very first post of this tread. :point_up:

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How can I install the homey.dash on a NAS?

RTFM :wink: use the search function. Scroll to the top

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Hi. Did you get this working in the end? I have no experience with iframes…

Hi, yes i did at the end. It took me a bit figuring things out but once you get it it isn’t that hard. I also didn’t had any experience with iframes…but with the help of Peter and google i got it to work.

I could give you some sample code and making some kind of small manual/discription if you’d like.
Send me a PM and i will put something togetter in my spare time.


Thanks for the files.

Stupid question: Where do I put these files? Do I put them in the homeydash folder on my homey?


Maybe read back from the first topic will enlighten some things?

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