Homey Backup - Black Friday offer (wrong price)

I was trying to buy the Black Friday offer on Homey Pro Backup. (Be sure you never lose any data for the next 10(!) years with this unique offer on Homey Pro Backups. For € 50)

It seems to be the correct price (with discount) when i ad it to my shopping cart but when i go to payment the discount is gone and it asking me to pay full price.

Have been trying 4 times and now on my order page it is 4 orders with the wrong (full) price that i do not want to have because of the wrong price.

Is there anyway to get this offer to the correct price (with discount) and why is it not the correct price when i go to payment?
I do have an active subscription on Homey Pro Backup per month today, can it be that?

If you’re sure you’re doing everything right, contact Athom directly. This is a community forum and we can’t help with these issues.

Very strange. I used the link in the email, and it worked correct. Didn’t have to do anything. Added it to my basket, payed and the right discount (50%)was charged. Indeed contact Athom directly.

I know this is a community forum but i thought it might be worth to give it a try. :slight_smile:

I can´t find a way to contact Athom directly. Tried to send email to support@athom.com but just got an automatic reply that I can´t contact them that way and they just told me to visit support forum.
Also tried info@athom.com (but got no reply at all).

Is there any other way to contact them?


Thx! :+1:

Did not work yesterday, but today it worked :+1:

I bought the advanced flow at half price, good deal! But I think it’s sad that you have to pay to get a basic function as a simple backup, after having spent over 400€ for Homey Pro…i really hope Homey gives this for free to the Pro users.