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Homey 2.0 - MVP?

I upgraded to Homey 2.0, and I honestly (deeply) regret that decision:

  1. Insight are available only online in a significantly trimmed down version.
  2. Flow overview sucks (pardon my language) since you only see either, When, And or Then. A quick glance through your flow is no longer possible. The past complete view of your flow when clicking Test is also gone. Define a flow is also a tedious selection of cards and the ‘next’ screens before each item is in place.
  3. Any sort custom ordering among flows is abandoned, and I am left with alphabetical.
  4. Certain Apps (like PaperTrails and State Control) are not in a position where they are usable, either due to the crammed space on a phone (PaperTrails) or due to lack of configuration. Both are most likely something for the developer, but they still are problem with the phone app
  5. iPhone app is flaky as I have had at least a dozen crashes, predominantly when working inside ‘…More’
  6. GUI oddity 1: disabling a flow requires editing flow, clicking settings, disabling ‘Flow enabled’ AND changing either Name or Folder
  7. GUI oddity 2: renaming a flow may in certain cases not be possible unless you restart the app
  8. GUI oddity 3: Viewing insights about motion alarm / turned on is moved to Device -> {device} -> press&hold -> ‘…’. It is not possible to compare such across devices like before

On top of all this, one sensor has decided, after the upgrade, to reroute to a worse path resulting in it being nearly unusable.

Overall I would love to be able to go back to v1.5. The idea of having everything in your phone is nice, but the current shortcomings leave me with a feeling of working with a MVP (minimum viable product). And I currenlty only have three sensors and a Hue bridge…Sorry to say, but at the moment, the step from v1.5 to v2 is a huge leap back.


It’s so funny how experiences can be so totally different. I had 2.0 at my office for a few weeks and loved it from the beginning. Yesterday I updated my home Homey and am now fully in love with it.

  1. I do miss some options but I feel Insights is much better now. It’s hard to switch between Homeys though.
  2. I do agree that a bit of the overview is lost, but it’s not as bad as I expected. There are now “shortcuts” available where you can see all flows that a device is used in and I love that.
  3. Can’t say much about this, I would like to be able to “search” for a flow though.
  4. The developers might need to update them. I found out my email-sender app had some issues on the mobile phone settings page, updated it yesterday.
  5. I only had 1 crash yet and that was due to me being hasty; an app was still starting and I was already opening the settings page I think.
  6. They might improve that on iPhone by using the capabilities of longpress/hard press but I understand if that wasn’t a priority.
  7. Didn’t experience that yet.

One thing I had to do is remove Homey from Homekit on my phone, replace the Homekit app and update to the Homeykit app. Everything worked smoothly afterwards.