HomeKit not working with iOS 16.2

If you have reset the storage you should take the following steps:

  • remove Homey from HomeKit
  • restart the HomeyKit app
  • add Homey to HomeKit again (with pairing code 20020200)


All devices now are populated and responses are back.

Do i need to do the same when you upgrade the official app?

Should i wait untill that is in place before i start configuring HomeKit again?

It’s my intention to make the current test version the stable version, so you shouldn’t have to reconfigure again (famous last words :wink:).

I don’t know when that switch will take place, because I’d like to check first if the current test version also still works with iOS 15.

What’s the current status?

Apple released the release candidate of iOS 16.2 earlier today, so the final will probably be available next week…

AFAIK the test version works, but I’d rather wait with promoting it to stable until I get a bit more feedback.

In any case, this might be a good time to consider switching to HomeKitty :wink:

I guess you refer to this?

And not this?

I was not aware of either; how do I migrate without breaking all iOS automations that use devices offered by HomeyKit?

What’s the status of the new (iOS 16.2) HomeKit architecture support for HomeKitty?

Might have to wait:

That sensor is the main reason I use this…

You can’t, HomeKit doesn’t offer such a thing.

It should work (but I haven’t tested this myself, I don’t run iOS pre-releases).

That sensor is supported and confirmed working by others, @Ryan’s issue is likely local.

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In test only or also in stable?

Both, but the current stable has some other issues that are solved by the test version, so if you want to test it either wait for the new stable to go live (hopefully today or tomorrow) or install the test version.

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I just discovered that currently all automations with these door sensors are handled by Homey Advanced Flows instead of HomeKit automations, so I installed HomeKitty (stable).

Despite running iOS 16.2 (RC) on my iPhone and iPadOS 16.2 (RC) on my iPad, I did not get the HomeKit architecture upgrade offered.

I probably need to wait for the final 16.2 update for my HomePod & Apple TV (which are my HomeKit hubs)?

It was indeed a local probleem.

I can also confirm that this kind of sensor works fine with HomeKitty!

Hi Robert, will HomeyKit work with the official ios 16.2 release?

The current test version of HomeyKit works with the 16.2 prereleases so I assume it will also work with the official release.

Ok, then i will upgrade my Ios devices to the latest official release.

Migration to HomeKitty is planned over New Year.

Thank you for great work:)

Confirmed, no issues so far here

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And i can confirm no issues after upgrading all Homepods, Iphones and apple tv´s.

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It seems that it does not work with iOS 17 beta 1 - is it known?

What do you mean by “it”? There are three HomeKit implementations for Homey: the built-in “experiment”, the (now deprecated) HomeyKit app, and the HomeKitty app.