Help needed setup MQTT

I’m using Homey for a year now and as everyone else, I’m exploring more and more options on it.

Now I have bought a Sonoff 4ch Pro R2, flashed the software to Tasmota 8.3.1 and enabled pulse switching.

Within my home network ( I can now control the device via the browser. To make it visible in Homey I put the Tasmota Broker on Homey (, installed the Tasmota Client and then Tasmota MQTT. After that I searched in the device section of the Homey app for Toasmota devices, unfortunately without result.

2 weeks ago I didn’t even know about the existence of MQTT, although I have gained some basic knowledge about this protocol I’m stuck at this point.
For all sorts of other platforms there are lots of tutorials, but for Homey I can not find one.

I hope someone can point me into the right direction, I really cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Anyone, please?

I have no experience with the Tasmota MQTT apps. But have you tried the universal Homey MQTT apps from this tutorial?

That’s funny, I was just reading this article when I checked my messages and saw your reply!
I’ll dive in it as soon I get a chance. Thanks

i have the same problem setting up mqtt broker + client with tasmota mqtt :frowning: is there any working faq or guide?

I couldn’t find a good how-to or tutorial how to set up MQTT, for home assist I found lots of them but not dedicated for Homey. Therefore I stopped the effort, I just have not the time to dive in so deep. My plan was setting up MQTT basics and learn on the the go.
I hope you’re more successful than I was. If you find something, I’d really appreciate telling me.

I too have found Athom lacks basic step by step guides or tutorials on how setup even just basic items. It’s been very frustrating. I’ve racked up many sleepless nights trying to work out the syntax of entering variables into flows , trying to construct Virtual devices from MQTT based Tasmota devices and many other things. If they just did some basic example videos (like say how DrZzs does on YouTube ) on how to say setup common items it would make life so much easy when learning and getting started. I’ve only owned my Homey for a few months. In trying to set it up I’ve had to drag though old forum posts by other users which have only given me sporadic, incomplete information and are usually also out of date (relates to the old Homey firmware) Many of the screen captures in the forum posts aren’t in English even though the discussions themselves are in English ?? …This makes them unreadable and literally useless… It’s as if Athom aren’t interested in actively trying to promote or grow this product. If you go on the Internet or YouTube there is very little mention of Homey where as there are a million videos and discussions on HA and Hubitate ., etc etc. I really love this product. I hope things change and they get more serious .


I’ve setup a “interface” between my Homey and Home Assistant through MQTT.
You need 1 app as Hub 1 for Client and 1 broker, so you need 3 apps.
I my sutiation, the broker is running on my Raspberry Pi (but is also possible to run on the Homey), and the Hub and client are running on the Homey.

I can see the broker and the client in your printscreens but where is your hub?
Because you need to define some settings there AND you need a hub to broadcast the devices.

Here are the instruction from the hub app on the homey, please note it’s possible you need to make some changes according to your situation:

 1. **Configure an MQTT broker*

  * The MQTT broker is the central server handling all MQTT messages.
  * Use the MQTT broker app from Homey the app store or configure an external broker (e.g. CloudMQTT, Mosquitto or HiveMQ).

. **Install & configure the Homey MQTT Client app*

  * Install the MQTT Client app from the Homey app store.
  * Connect the MQTT Client to your MQTT broker.

. **Install the MQTT Hub (you already did) and let it discover & broadcast all your connected devices*

  * The Hub will automatically discover all your devices.
  * The availability & state of each device will be broadcasted.

. **Configure the MQTT Hub*

  * Adjust the Hub settings where needed.

. **Install any external application supporting MQTT*

  * There are many applications supporting MQTT, pick one.
  * Connect your external app to the MQTT broker.
  * Let your app discover all connected devices.
  * If Homey is reported 'offline' or datatypes are not discovered correctly, try pressing the 'broadcast' button to re-start the device initialization process and be patience.
  * Configure your communication channels by observing & dispatching messages on the available MQTT topics.

. **Start communicating with Homey*

  * Have fun! "