HeatIt scene switch

Hi guys. Is possible to connect Scene switch from HeatIt? https://www.heatit.com/z-wave/heatit-z-scene-controller/

Hi @Matej_Kapusta,

Please see my response in the ThermoFloor / Multireg / Heat-it App topic:

Hope this answers your question.

OK, but my question is for Scene Switch from HeatIt. no thermostat.

So first I will need to re-write the existing app to SDK2 version, before I will be able to extend the support for additional devices. Coarse timeline I have in mind is to finish the SDK2 re-write in September and add support for the remaining devices (Z-therm / Z-scene controller) in October (before the winter starts)…

The Z-scene controller is no thermostat indeed, but there is a dependency I need to take into account before adding support for the Z-scene controller into my ThermoFloor / Heat-it app.

I’m always welcoming anyone who would like to contribute to these apps by writing the device drivers / manifest or providing the required art work.

okay. thats sounds great. ill be waiting for an update :slight_smile:

Hi Ted,

Good to hear you are working on this. Any update on your progress?

Yep. Z-push button 8 driver is ready.

I am looking for someone to provide me the ID’s of a Z-push button 2, so I can finalize this driver too.

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Extra Extra, read all about it:


Many thanks for this! I’m trying to figure out how to configure it. I’ld like to control 4 different Fibaro dimmers with this. I tried putting associations in both the controller and the dimmer, is this the best way forward?

Regards and any help wil be much appreciated!

Adding the nodeID’s of the Fibaro Dimmer in the correct association groups of the Heatit Z-Push button would be the right approach.

Keep in mind that the Z-push button is a battery powered Z-wave device.
So before pressing save after adding / changing any settings first wake-up the Z-push button (see manual to wake-up the device for 7 seconds); then press save.

If not (or already done) the associations will (in best case) only become effective when the device will wake-up again…

Hi Ted,

Just tried figuring this out (been very busy)…

My Heatit Z-push Button 8 has a ID of 19

Two of my Fibaro dimmer 2 have ID’s of 16 and 17.

Do I configure it like this?


And also, do I need to configure the ID of the Heatit in the dimmers?

I’ve tried several setups but I can’t figure it out…any help would be greatly appreciated!


I have a Z-Push 2 and this is what i have made in the flow.
Group 1 is for the homey.

I hope you get it working

@Scartio I’ve just described how to do this in the FAQ of the Thermo-Floor / Heatit topic:

Let me know if that is solving the issues.

@Top_Homey this is also an option, but the advantage of using the association groups is that it is responding faster; 1 communication vs 2

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Thank you for your extensive explanation. Since I have the 8 button version of the HeasIT, how do you configure the use of the others pairs of buttons. I managed to get the top ones working.

Assigning the node ID’s of the desired devices to respectively group 3, 4 and 5 (see also help text at the association groups).
Waking up the device by holding the I and O of the upper rockers remains the same.

I tried to add the Heatit Z-Push button-8, but every time I receive the message that it is added as a general device. Hence, it is not available as a proper scene controller. How can I fix this?