Häger KNX - From Jeedom to Homey


I currently have a Häger system plugged with USB on a Rasperry PI running Jeedom.

Here is is the control panel:

I want to setup to a homey pro and manage my KNX devices wireless.
I’m a bit of a beginner and I’m asking for your help to buy the right(s) device(s) to connect my KNX system to Homey Pro.

If you’ve already experienced this setup, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you very much for your answers



I have set up my Hager system to connect to my Homey. It works perfectly!
Quit easy when I figured it out, but a little time consuming.

First of all; I would strongly suggest that you connect your Homey via the Lan adapter (not Wifi). I got it to work with WiFi, but lost connection a lot and had to restart the app to get it back working again. With the Lan adapter (ethernet) I have had no problems what so ever.
I have the Domovea TJA670 interface to which I connect.
Here are some pictures of my installation:

This is what you need to do:
Install the HoeyPro app KNX App for Homey | Homey

Download and install the Hager Pilot app for your device (Ipad/Android/PC etc)
(Install on your device, not to the Homey app).

Open Hager Pilot and connect to your system:

(Default login is admin and password 1234 to domovea.)

Click on Domovea:

Click on the Light etc you want to connect:

Down to the right on your screen you will see the KNX configuration to your item (light etc).

Go to the Homey app and choose the room where you want to install your item (light etc).

Click on the blue + up in the right corner and choose new, KNX, and choose what you want to add. Enter ip to your KNX system.
Enter the KNX configuration numbers (see above) and add.

The item will come up as KNX item in your Homey. Open it and rename it to whatever it is (i.e Kitchen Light) and choose a icon that is appropriate.

Repeat for every item you want install. (I have 50+ so it took me a while :sweat_smile:)
Don’t forget to rename every item after it has been added. Otherwise it’s hard to know what is what, as every item shows as a KNX device in Homey by default.

If you choose to install with WiFi (without a Lan adapter) and later add a Lan adapter, I’m sorry to say you have to delete the Homey Pro KNX app (every item added to it will be deleted) and reinstall it with the Lan connected. Then start all over again and add every light (or other item) on more time.

It’s also recommended to have a fixed ip to your Homey Pro and your KNX system.

Good luck!
Sorry for my bad spelling, I’m Swedish.

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Hello @Kingsbayman and thank you for your very detailed and complete answer, I learned a lot with the resources you gave, it’s great.

Do you know of a solution that is just as compatible and a little less expensive?
The Domovea module is the best solution but expensive just to connect KNX to Homey :slight_smile:

Thanks again !

Hi again.

The instructions I wrote is just for the Hager Domovea. But it should help you get the numbers (addresses) you need from you Jeedom interface. It’s what controls the KNX system and must be in there somewhere.
Since I don’t have Jeedom I don’t know exactly where to find the info that you need. But as I said, it must be in there.
The problem for me was to find the addresses, but once I did, it was all quite easy.
The Domovea I use, TJA670, is about 800 EUR. (NOT cheap!)

Did you program your house yourself or did you get help? If you got help, can you ask that guy/girl where you find what you need?

Or ask for the ets file. It contains all the information for your system and can be imported directly when you press add/KNX. Then you get everything in one go.

Look around in your Jeedom software and search for the addresses in the form of nn/nn/nn like in my picture above

If it’s two lines choose light when you add/KNX
If it’s four lines choose dimmer when you add/KNX

If yoy see only two rows, the first is for on/of and the second line is for the status of that output (on or off) for the light etc.
If you have four lines, the first is for on/off, the second for the status, the third is for dimming and the fourth is for the status of the dimming.

I hope this helps.
It might take a while to find the information you need, but once you find it it’s really easy. I used an ipad to look up the addresses that I needed and a phone with the Homey app to add the items. (Just to make it easier and quicker.)

What ip-KNX interface are you using? I am trying with Schneider spacelogic. Having issues. Telegram only go one way. Homey gets status from knx buss. When homey sends knx telegrams I can see the groupaddress pop up in knx buss, but physical knx units doesn’t react.