GLUE lock working in Homey

Great to hear this and good that you where able to locate the error :+1:

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Hello fellow Homies!

Please check out my app submission: GlueLock App til Homey | Homey

Feedback appreciated.

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Great i Will test this directly :metal:

Please do this.

You probaly know GlueLock and with Homey app as β€œlock”, it is a bit … cumbersome.

With GlueLock, we cannot get the last know state of the lock, only last known state of the app/GlueLock-action.

Also Homey dictates: always locked and more, which cannot be assured thorugh the api - if you know what I’m referencing to :slight_smile:

@Kjetil_Vert How is the test going so far?

@Kim_Kokholm the test is working really great and the big benefit of getting this in as an app was that now I also have the locks in HomeKit and can now control them there.

I agree the only problem is the lock status as this is not reported.
But I am not using your app instead of my script.

One issue
I don’t know if it was stated but you have to restart the app after you have added the api key.

But all in all great work and big thanks from me on this :metal:

Now only I need some one to make an app for my Balboa Spa.

Like this at home assistant Hint Hint :grin:

As the app here at homey is for the old version of the balboa spa