Get updated values from device

Apologies if this has been answered already, I’ve searched all over and can’t seem to find the answer - if it exists.

I’m reading values for a Unifi device, and I see that only the “connected” value is fresh. Ideally I would like to be able to do things like turn on out door lights only if I’m close enough to AP a or b, but obviously that’s impossible when measure-levels are not updating. Example from a polling below:

  value: 35,
  lastUpdated: '2022-12-08T19:38:12.292Z',
  type: 'number',
  getable: true,
  setable: false,
  title: 'RSSI',
  desc: null,
  units: '%',
  min: 0,
  max: 100,
  step: 1,
  iconObj: {
    id: '415d4c317fab675c05e5c1aa2120bd4c',
    url: '/icon/415d4c317fab675c05e5c1aa2120bd4c/icon.svg'
  id: 'measure_rssi',
  options: {},
  values: undefined

Is there any way to force an update of this capability?

Retrieve the device again through the api, then you get the updated capability value.

How can I do that without deleting and pairing with the device again?

The status page for the device shows the same “4 days ago” values, and the only changeable setting is power usage

Sounds like you’re trying to solve an app issue with HomeyScript, which won’t work. It’s the responsibility of the app to retrieve values and update capabilities.

I was afraid this would be the case. Marked as the solution