Gerber Face Plate

Need to get the Gerber Prime Faceplate ( to support Homey.

Love the 9 touch button faceplate design.

I want to use it as just switches and scene controls.

Haven’t seen any as beautiful as these for the main living area.

Please support .

There is a place for community app support here: Homey Community App Requests

It is already in the community request topic (the post), but apparently the amount of people wanting support is minimal (no likes at all yet)

Hi Wayne, thanks for the support for these switches. But unfortunately via the “app requests page” you get little in form of support for products you would like integrated unless you can do it yourself. The app requests forum is to ask the “community”, not Athom, if anyone would like to undertake adding support for a product to the Homey ecosystem. I have never seen anyone undertake these app requests unless a developer themselves have a need of the product, no matter how many likes you get.
There needs to be a 3rd party app developer who offer these services at an hourly or contract rate. But until such a person exists, it is up to the individual themselves or the manufacturer of the product to try and develop such support.
Athom do have a “talks with Athom” program for manufacturers, but it still requires the manufacturer to develop the app first.
Also, unfortunately the Gerber Prime switch is to complex for Homeys zwave we have been told by an independant zwave Homey app engineer. And needs either a rewrite or Athoms direct integration. Neither of which we can obtain. The only solution for these switches currently is Zipato and Fibaro. But they do work amazingly well with these Hubs.
Thank you again for the support and request. Anything else we can help you with dont hesitate to ask.