Flair 400 / WTW / Heat Recovery Systems

We have a button in the living room with 4 settings for our heat recovery/extraction system. Ideally, I want to ‘digitize’ these 4 modes and bring them to the cloud. That I can select those 4 modes via my phone. In addition, I want sensors, such as a humidity meter, to be able to trigger a position.

Or as an example if the oven or the extractionkitchen machine turns on the extraction in the living room start working harder

Do you have a solution for this?

I have the Brink Flair 400 now for 6 years. Always on the same status:

I never had a situation for changing this.

In the winter I need a humidifier because it gets to dry indoors. I use an Aqara sensor with a smart plug on my humidifier so it starts if the humidity is lower then 50%. (In de bedroom during the day, in the living room if we are sleeping)