Fire Tablet or Android Tablet for wall panel

Is it better to use Android Tablet or Fire Tablet for a wall panel?


The Fire tablet is an Android tablet. It just has a bunch of undesirable ‘Amazon stuff’ loaded on it and it does not have Google Play Store installed. However, the Fire tablets are well made and incredibly cheap - especially when on offer.

I installed the Fully browser on a Fire tablet using the provided APK. There are sites that tell you how to install the Play Store - I couldn’t get any of them to work - but I didn’t need it. If you want to install other apps, you might be better using a more vanilla Android tablet.

There’s a toolbox for removing the Amazon stuff here. If you use a Fire tablet, that’s worth doing.

It’s also worth exploring the ‘Dashboard Controller’ and ‘Micro Web Server’ Homey apps. Both work well for me.


I am using my very old (for a tablet) Nvidia K1 tablet with Fully Kiosk Browser(Android)/Dashboard controller (Homey-app) with SmartDash ([Pro][Dashboard] SmartDash - a dashboard for Homey).

Any idea which apps you want to use? Because that also will be good to know before you make a choice.

With SmartDash for instance you also can use a nspapnel pro