Fibaro Motion sensor Homekit (BLE Version)

Hi, imho it is not necessary unless you want to discuss the possibility, the Pro’s and Con’s of support for the Motion Sensor (FGBHMS-001) but even that can be done here in this Topic.

If you read my post about the Ideas / Feature Requests (New info 2021) you you know it is not what I said that “Athom newer used it.” , but as they don’t publish info posted in the form it doesn’t give other community members insight in what questions are made to the Feature requests. Discussing here and giving Likes does give the Community that insight.

I looked at the Product page an I think it could be possible to make an Homey App for it but not sure there is that much request for it that Athom spends a lot of time into developing an App as this is pretty specific and range is due to BLE limited.

If this thread gets HOT maybe a Community Developer with such a BLE Device makes an App for it or Athom supprises everyone but personally I wouldn’t wait for that. In my opinion there are better Devices for Homey but it could depend on your needs. (And that you already have this device :wink: )