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I’ve a question, it’s possible create a label in home like the aqara sensor in photo , but with a sum of 2,3,4 device with instant consumption ? Thanks

I guess it would be possible to add a virtual device using [App][Pro] Virtual Devices and use calculations from the logic cards to set the power consumption to what you want. But it will probably also mean Homey will count the energy use double.

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Ok i’ve try to create a virtual device , i can add the power indicator but, how can i link the power consumption to the power indicator? Thank again

Depending on the capability of the virtual device you want to give a value you should set it with the card the virtual device provides using one of the capability-names from this list:

In this case most likely measure_power
But to get the value, you will need a number variable from Logic to do the calcluation in first.


Thankyou Edwin_D , i’ll try !

With a < group > app device, you can group the sensors, it does the math by itself (without flows)

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Had not thought of that, but of couse! Way simpeler.

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Thanks Peter_Kawa, i’ll try !

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