It would be great there is also an Emby app like there a Plex app available.

I like Emby a lot more then Plex. That’s why I’m running Emby at my place instead a Plex server. :slight_smile:

If any developer like to start or want more information. Here is a direct link: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/wiki

Edit: from Template:
What kind of category signal would the app use :

  • IP (Local/Cloud)

Is there a (public) API / documentation or known other implementations (like Blogs/Github etc)

Are you willing to loan or donate a device or money to a developer?

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There is a Homey Community App Requests topic where you can request an app.

Please make sure you make the request with the provided template, to make sure all needed information is provided.

Okay I didn’t see that :). But almost the same info was in it. I edited the topic with the extra info.

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