Elitescreen IR or better RF


I have a motor screen for a Beamer from Elitescreen. I googled a lot and got a feeling, that RF signals are tricky. The screen supports Infrared and as well radio frequency. With the integrated function of the homey I didn’t get IR to work. Nevertheless RF would be in a technical point of view the better solution.

After hours of searching I found some interesting information regarding the RF binary code.

You find the information in the transcripts.

Furthermore I found the information, that sometimes a RF synchronisation is needed, what could be important to create a driver?

Unfortunately I don’t have the capability to create such an app, the last time I was developing code was when I made a further education and after that I got a job as product manager, far away from developing something by myself XD

Would appreciate some feedback, thank you for your time.

No comment until now. Is it generally realistic, that somebody could implement an radio frequency driver for an Elitescreen Beamer screen? It would be a dream to put the remote control of the Screen into the trash and do the job with the Homey. And does anybody have an idea, why I wasn’t successful to read the infrared signal with the homey?

A Logitech Harmonie would be an overkill for me I guess, because I don’t have any other devices to control or rather don’t see the added value for such a high price. Maybe somebody see it differently and could explain why?