ELESION (Pearl.ch, Peral.de etc)


Link ELESION : https://www.elesion.com

Link Homey : https://homey.app/de-ch/

I will buy a Homey Pro, but I could not find the Homey App for the “ELESION ”.
ELESION has many smart devices and this for a good price in the PEARL Shop.

I please you to implement the interface.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for reaching out and submitting your request! We mainly focus on the development of Homey. Therefore, the best way to request implementation of new devices is to get in contact with Elesion itself.

Since Homey is an open platform, the manufacturer can easily create an integration. The more people are sending their request to the manufacturer; the more likely a Homey app will be created.

I hope this information serves your request.

Kind regards,