Electronic valve isolation for vibration sake

Hi everyone.

I’m new at the forum and i hope to learn more about PCB manufacturing and general electronics.
Heres my question: I’m working with the development of an single flow water valve, using a wash-machine electric solenoide
to control the water flow.
I’m willing to attach my valve on my PCB, but i’m wondering if the 24/7 vibration of the internal motor of the valve
can make some kind of damage to the PCB.
In the same board i have the control system and a micro controler.I have plenty of clean space on my board, but the
vibration realy makes me wondering about the durability of my project.
Have anyone work with some kind of vibration isolation on pcb? Attach my valve on the board is a bad idea?
Sorry for my bad english, i’m not a native speaker.

What has dis to do with Homey?