Easy way to see every data field available from a app/device


When looking at an app in the Homey Store I see all kinds of information. When selecting a certain supported device, the available flow cards are filtered. Really great. But I think it would be very useful if all the available data fields would be visible as well, and filtered when selecting a supported device.

As this is currently not available, is there any other way to have an overview of the available data fields, without going into a flow, and creating a ‘then’ card. Or something similar?

Seeing them somewhere listed is especially useful, if an app is updated and new data fields become available. It’s very easy to miss them as most times the flows used are set, and you don’t notice that additional functionality is available.

Assuming that with “data fields” you mean “capabilities”, you can find your device and its capabilities here: https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/devices

Since capabilities can be added/removed dynamically, it’s not possible to show a list of them on the app store page.

Hi Robert. No I don’t mean capabilities.

I ment these data fields (using them from the P2000 app as example):