Drive my car

I would like to have a BLE in my car and when I get close to the car my phone somehow inform Homey that I’m driving

Any idea how to do so?

Plan is also to have a BLE register to my wife mobile and hence homey will know who is driving the car in use with Volvo App

Most cars have BT built in. Have a look at this:

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Thanks. But to be honest I think I need a complete tutorial for android and Volvo car. Couldn’t find the “plug in” for Volvo and not sure where to find the http get in the first app

If u use Android, look at the app macrodroid, then u can send a webhook to Homey when the phone is connected to the BT of the car.

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That is what I was referring to. Or use the HTTP REQUEST app. For Android I use automate. For iOS you can use the shortcuts app, but iOS still requires you to confirm manually on the screen when BT connects.

What is the webhook command?

@Jan_Willem_Visser to be honest I need further help in the app. Thanks

I found the http get there but no clue

@Jan_Willem_Visser It seems like I managed with your android approach. I found some templates and then made some nube random changes😂

@Jan_Willem_Visser however it seems like it’s not sending the webhook automatically or something.

The flow in homey is automatically not working. But when I open the flow and press test it works.

Do you have an idea why or share macro in the android app?

U have to use just one trigger in macrodroid, and that’t the trigger that triggers when te phone makes contact with the BT of the car.

The action has to be twe webhook to Homey.

Do you have an macro example? Otherwise I think I need a better tutorial. Sorry! Don’t understand your explanation.

I can’t find webhook in action only in triggers.

I also see other examples with multiple triggers

In macrodroid you have to make the action “HTTP GET” and you have to use a webhook as trigger in Homey.

Step by step:

In Macrodroid:
Trigger: Phone connect to the BT of the car.
Action: Make an HTTP GET request to Homey.

In Homey:
Trigger: Webhook (that come’s from macrodroid)
Action: What ever u want.

Thanks that you are patient with me. May I ask how to configure the GET-Card? Is the url the ip adr to my homey? Or something else?

You have to fill in: then something you want.

In homey u take a trigger cart calld "webhook. There u fill in the text u set in the request above (the “and then somwting you want.” part)

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@Jan_Willem_Visser you are my hero! It worked👍

Now next step is to make my IPhone (job) also working :pray:

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Nice to hear that it work :+1:t2:

I heave no idea for the iphone.

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Get shortcuts app.
Make new, pick web and URL. That’s where u fill in the webhook.
Click the + sign and add something like “webrequest” and “get content from url”. My iPhone is in Dutch so have to guess the correct names.
Then give it a name and ur done

And mine is Swedish :grin:. Any chance you can make some print screens? @Rocodamelsheki

Should i when I find the url make the same link as mentioned above in the thread