Drayton Wiser Smart Heating

I can’t find if Homey supports the Wiser system. For UK users with two or three channel heating this is a great system that is very cost effective. Mainly the individual smart TRVs are about ⅓ the price of fibaro.
Have I missed it and/or how do I request it.

It would be awesome to gave it.

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The quickest way to check whether a device is supported is to search the app store. https://apps.athom.com/. If you can’t find the specific device, have a look for the brand of device you are looking for.

There is also Homey Community App Requests topic where you can request an app.

Please make sure you make the request with the provided template, to make sure all needed information is provided.

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Thanks for reply, I had checked the existing apps and it doesn’t appear to be there. Searched using. " Drayton" “wiser” and “Schneider Electric” the parent company. I will try and find out as much as I can for the app request from. I’m not a coder so can’t do it myself

I’d love this as well. Seems there is a Schneider Wiser app - wondering if the Dev of this is able to extend or if it’s different?