Double notifications and push messages

Hi, I am experiencing some weird behavior in some flows. I have several flows that end with a notification or push message.
In some of those flows, that notification or push message is now send twice (without altering the flow). If I test the flow, it is only send once. When it is triggered by for example a sun event or a switch, it is send twice. I’m absolutely certain those flows are not triggered twice.
Is this behavior maybe something more people are experiencing?

One of the flows that have this behavior:

@Jo_San this is something we already pushed forward to Athom. Can you confirm you are using the Android application? It seems afect just the Android App and not the Apple’s one.

This is annoying, also to me appears double notification for some flows … but not always

Hi Andrea,
I am using Apple iOS…
Very strange, the same flow that triggered double notifications each night for the past week, just had only 1 notification last night… It is very random, maybe something to do with load on the Homey.

I also use iOS and had the same problem a few days ago.
Meanwhile only one push message is sent. I didn’t make any changes.

Samething here. At first I thought is was the trigger (sun events/zonnestanden) which triggers 15 minutes before sunrise. But that could not be it, because I also increase a counter in the same flow. And the counter was only increased once. So it has to be the pushnotification. Although other pushnotifications in other flows are doing fine.

I solved it by adding a 5 second delay to the push notification card. The sun event triggers my lights and sunblinds and was at the same time creating this push notification with solar panel data. By adding a 5s delay to that card it is solved now (without knowing the exact cause).

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Ok, Jo_San. Thank you. I will try this workaround.

The 5 seconds did not help. When I run it as a test it works fine, but when it is triggered -15 minutes before sunrise it still produces two push notifications. I am sure the flow is not triggered twice because I have a counter that adds only once. Weird.

My experience with double notification seems random. I’ve it on some folws but not always.
I used the Simple Log App to put a card in each troubling flow and i noticed that when I receive double notification actually the flow run twice (I can see it in the log of the Simple Log App).
Can anyone confirm it please?

Is the push notification the only flow that is executed at that particular time? I suspect that it has something to do with simultaneous executed flows triggered by sun events. Therefore I changed my push notification flow to have an offset of 5 minutes.

No, my double notifications are not linked to any time … one is activated by the power consumption of an outlet, another by a triggered Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor.

I tried to log them with creating regular notifications, but they are only created once if I put them in the same flow as the push notification card

I have one other flow which is also triggered at sunrise -15. So I changed that one to -10. Tomorrow I will know if this does the trick.

If I understood right, you are saying that you get two push notification on your smartphone and just one notification on the log? This is strange, my ones are always in pair, if I receive double push messages I also read two logs for the same flow.
Inserting a Log Card from the Simple Log App in the flow and checking the log I can see the flow is acted twice.

I have this double notification problem, too. I solved it by creating a variable, e.g. Debounce and set it to off. When the AND section executes, I have ‘Debounce equal to NO’ and in the THEN section, I have Set Debounce to Yes. Then followed by other actions. As the last action, I have ‘Set Debounce to No after 4 secs’. Messy, but works until athom fixes this issue.

Correct. I am sure that the flow itself is only executed once, only for some reason (maybe a lot of actions at the same time) some actions (cards) were executed double or even triple at some point.
For me, executing the flow with a little delay solved it.

Yep, I got one push notification (on the iPhone) after changing the flows to different triggertimes (one to sunrise -15 and the other one to sunrise -10). Although am not sure, but I think I lost the push notification on my iPad (or might have swiped it away unnoticed).

So the conclusion is not to have flows triggered at the exact same time.
1 At least the notifications are going double (it is what we can see).
2 I do not know at the moment if this only occurs with sunrise triggered flows.

As I wrote before double notification, in my case, occurs random on some flows. I’ve no flows triggered by time or like in your case by sunrise events. My troubled flows with double notifications are WHEN … sensor on or WHEN … UBS input on these are my cases where I’ve double notifications but, once again, in my case these are like the flows are executed twice.

Ok interesting. Maybe different problems with the same symptoms. In my case I am 100% sure the flow executes once.