Discovery and pairing of variation of different devices

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I’m encountering some challenge with adding devices.

I have one modbus TCP device with one modbus ID, this is the ‘network master’ .
The Master holds info regarding it’s own ‘local network’ which has several (ventilation) devices.
The devices can be a valve, or a room sensor, or whatever. So every device could need a different device.js.

There are some constants:

  • The devices pages are always 10 modbus addresses
  • The ’ device type’ address is always the FIRST address (10, 20, 30, 40…)
  • The master is always on address 10.

So, I was thinking of a discovery on [IP]:[port] with DEVICE_ID :

  • First read address 10, which should retrun the master
  • then read all x0 addresses (20, 30, 40, 50, 60…) and add these as ‘device’ in a device list for pairing.

My questions are:
How to approach this, how to link the devices to the right device-files, which pairing html should I use/edit, etc.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

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If your devices have different capabilities and functionality, then I would create different drivers.
Only different device.js doesn’t work. You need different drivers.

So one driver for the master device
Another driver for your ventilation devices.

Use the standard list_devices pair template.
Return the matching devices to show up in pair view (using the callback function).

In pair view, you select the driver (device type) and get a lift of devices of this type.

hi @RonnyW ,

thank you for your reply.
I understand that every device needs its matching driver.

I was in the understanding that the pairing procedure was automatic for a specific driver.
You say that I would be able to return a device_list containing different types of devices? I thought I could only return a device_id, not a device type (the required driver)?

Is there an app that uses this type of pairing?

Could another approach be using the “addCapability” method on pairing, depending on the devices found?

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You can create your generic driver for all devices.
Dependent on your devices you can create your device array in list_devices event. There you can set a capability list for every device.
In device.js you can implement capabiity listener for capabilities (or a multi capability listener). Tjis way you can implement capability specific logic.

Hi @RonnyW ,

thank you for your reply.

searching for an example a found this page, which looks helpful.

tutorial drivers pairing
It’s for Dsk2 but I presume Dsk3 works similar.

[tutorial drivers pairing SDK3] Pairing - Homey Apps SDK

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