Discontinued BLINK integration?

That’s very bad news… I wrote the blink support why they will do that.

Here is the answer from Blink…

Thank you for your email. Currently Blink only integrates with IFTTT and Amazon Alexa-enabled products

While I am unable to comment on any future product or feature roadmap I would be happy to pass along your feedback and suggestions to our Team for review. Thank you for being a Blink Customer


Sorry I do not have Blink cameras and so I depend on volunteers who want to provide their login details and the information that is known on the internet. I only manage this app to help you and I have no interest in it.

In the meantime I have discovered how they are going to solve this and have already started adapting all code to the new technique with 2FA support!

However, the question remains how long this will work because they regularly make their entire API different.

I will do my best to release a new app version this week or next week, but again I am dependent on volunteers who want to provide their login details and work with me.

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Already helping @ObelixNL😉

Thank you @Spoelly!

Everybody can test https://homey.app/a/com.jasperbollen.homey-blink/test/ know. I am using v4 from the api endpoint with 2FA support.

  1. Go to the settings page
  2. Enter your credentials and click on save.
  3. Pincode is send to your e-mail address. Enter pincode.
  4. Click on Save.

I am looking for donations from users of this app so that I can buy one camera myself so that I can maintain the app independently.

@Spoelly helps me enormously but would like to be able to test and make adjustments without disturbing anyone.

You have paypal?

my paypall account is https://www.paypal.me/steffjenl

Today (21:30) I sent a new version to Homey as soon as it is through their review control, it will be released for everyone.

If you can’t wait any longer, you can test the new version by installing the test version!

This can be found at https://homey.app/a/com.jasperbollen.homey-blink/test/

I have installed the test version and it’s still working. I re-saved my credentials, then I got the email and entered the pin so all good so far.
I presume when they say 5/11 they mean the 11th of May and not the 5th of November. In which case I will know for sure if the update works after Monday.

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The test version is now live for everyone!

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Just got the auto update of the app followed by an Verify Device Login Email from blink. Entered my credentials and the verification code. Everything works fine again!
Thanks for your work! A PayPal donation is on its way :+1:

Works like a charm! Thank you, sent you a small amount. :wink:

The app updated, I updated my credentials but now flow gives an issue with authorization… Do I need to uninstall and install again? Any advise?

Hi all together!
Meanwhile I receive the following mail daily:

We’ve detected a login attempt on your Blink account from:
Device: Homey Blink App
Device Name: Homey

To confirm this was you, please enter the verification code below in your app now.

Your verification PIN:

This code expires 10 minutes from when it was sent. If the code is not entered, access to your account from the device will not be granted. If this login attempt wasn’t made by you, we recommend you change your password now.
If you’d like more information or assistance please view our [FAQ).

The Blink Team

But I cant find a way to enter the PIN. Anyone an idea??

Best regards

Go to the app settings and enter your credentials and next your pincode.

Please try to uninstall and reinstall. After reinstall go to app settings and enter your credentials and pincode.

that is what I did try already and installing and credentials go smoothly. When trying to access the camera’s after I again get the authorization error. See photo.

Thanks @ObelixNL,

but which app?? The app in Homey? When I now take a look in the app there is nothing to write the pin in…

Go to the Configure app section in the Homey Blink App. Enter your user name and password again and tap Save Changes. The screen should then change to Enter Pin (the pin will be sent to you via email or text within a few minutes of pressing the button). Make sure you enter the pin within the specified time.

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