Dim values of lights in off state


When I turn a light off through homey and then turn it on again, it remembers its old dim value.
But when I look at the light in homeyscript when it is OFF, its dim value is 0. Where is the old dim value stored? (and how to get to it in homeyscript?)

Guessing you are talking about either Z-Wave or ZigBee, that’s how they work.
Z-Wave: they have 0-99 for dim level (0 = off), and a seperate value to (255) to turn on the device in the old dim level, they don’t really have an “On/Off” capability.
ZigBee I’m not 100% sure how they work, but the way of working is the same.

So in short, it is saved in the device itself, and you can’t retrieve the value.

For the gear I use:
Ikea (zigbee) (Lamp Bank R) goes to 0% when turned Off
KaKu (CoCo) and Tuya wifi keep their dim level when turned Off
Screenshot from 2022-09-21 05-14-26
Screenshot from 2022-09-21 05-15-28

In Homeyscript, to retrieve the dim level for a device of which the dim level is 0% when off, the only way I think, is to first turn the light On, and then get its current dim level with a little delay.

For lights where I want to be able to do this, I ended up doing this:

I can then access these variables if the lights is off

To save a lot of flow starts, you could trigger it by a changed dim level of that light and a condition “dim lvl > 0” , and parallel to that, trigger by a changed colour temperature of that light.