Device for display logica

Is there a device or app available wich can display a variable(Logica or Better Logic)? For displaying several values on a dasboard?

For that to work you need device types that Athom has built functionality for, at least in Homeys own apps. A thermostat does that, so for temperatures [App] Virtual Devices can create a virtual thermostat for you to show the value on, but the range is limited. You could also use a virtual alarm to show boolean values.

Most people revert to outside dashboards such as, a Homey dashboard, or Node Red: A widget based dashboard working with Homey trough MQTT or one of many others.

Did you know the Homey web app (beta) can show way more values for each device though?

Thanks for the reply. The dashboards i know. But i’ve devices with a lot of values and will see one value in a device on the dashboard/homescreen.

You’ll see a bit more of those values in the web app, ut Homey does not allow programmatic control to the tiles other than the ones you’ve probably already seen. So now you know why the outside dashboards are frequently used. I have one really clunky workaround with a favorite flow that spews out timeline notifications with a lot of values because I’m too lazy to build a dashboard.

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Probably easiest and most flexible is a HA lovelace dashboard. Tutorial:

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Hi, found the solution. Thanks to Rocodamelshekima, he placed a post for Putting a value in a virtual app.
This virtual app can displayed at the dashboard.

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Could you perhaps share that solution? Thanks