Custom listbox


Is there a way to create a drop-down list with customizable values?

The idea is to create a component that allows you to have several presence statuses: At work, On leave, In vacation,… And to use the selection value in flows.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Do you mean in an app?
If so, you can create a custom capability that has a drop list of predefined values but the list can’t be defined ‘on the fly’.

The idea would be to create a personal application and add a capability?

I read the development part of the Homey a few days ago. So it’s all new to me. I will look into this part in more detail.

That is certainly doable. Just create a custom capability that has the options you want and create a Flow trigger that is fired when the option changes.

Hi @Mailgifson ,
I’m also looking for a solution to set more different presence statuses.
Currently I’m setting absence, at home and sleep with a remote double switch which fills a variable.
This works well, but I would like to set more “rarer” statuses, like guests, vacation,etc.
Yes, I could also use flows to fill up the the variable, but that be done for sure more user friendly.

So, would be great if you would share your solution also with me and forum.