Converting Scene – LUA code from Fibaro HC2 to Homey

HI Christian,

It was quite a puzzle, but I like to create flows for these kinds of things.
I think everything is covered, but I didn’t test it irl.

Maybe you know alr, but, the AND cards can have True/False outputs:
blue line = condition is true, yellow line = condition is false.

You can import this flow quite easy:
Install Device Capabilities (can be removed afterwards)
Open the web app

  • go to settings (cogwheel at the bottom)
  • scroll down to Apps
  • click on Device Capabilities
  • go to app configuration in the screen on the right
  • go to “Templates”
  • enter “Determine” in the search bar
  • click on the flowname to start the import process
    Screenshot from 2023-03-23 00-40-49

In the same screen you’ll find a link to “How to import an exchanger file?” (=shared flow)


Direct link to exchanger file