Convert Date and Time tags formatting for Google Calendar etc

Hi, y’all! Homey Bridge ≠ Pro user speaking.

:question: How does one transform/convert the Date and Time tags (currently: DD-MM-YYYY and HH:MM) to other formats which are then correctly interpreted by, let’s say, Google Calendar (via IFTTT), Excel, …?

I would like to create a log of certain events, by transferring Date and Time tags via Webhook to IFTTT – and then further on to Google Calendar or Google Spreadsheets. But the format is not compatible.

Being able to use those properties in other places, a lot of use cases would become possible.

Would be awesome to get some help on this. Maybe I missed something?


EDIT: Maybe helpful information:

Maybe you can try to convert in HomeyScript?

Hi Jan, if I had Homey Pro, that would be a way, yes.

For now, I only have the new Homey Bridge. :man_shrugging:
(I should have mentioned that, so… I just added it in my text above.)

Do you have any idea without Homey Script?

I’m sorry, no.