Consumption overview Sonoff PWR

Hello, can someone advise me a solution how i can monitoring / report, Hourly / Day / Week / monthly consumption, in Watt ? In insight i see only graph (useless), in energy i see actual consumption (not bad), but i need complete overview.
App Power by the Hour - not working.
Pls help me with solution. Thx

Maybe find out what you are doing wrong?

I have SONOFF PWR R2 flash tasmota firmware and set like R2. Info in tasmota is works ok

i add device via MQTT Broker and SONOFF App, device add correctly and report actual power in W, voltage and Current A, all i can see in insight.
I add new device in “Power by the hour” i choose my PWR R2 from list, all ist without error.
But no data :frowning:

now, i add for test PWR Sonoff via TASMOTA APP (no sonoff) and looks like all working :slight_smile: thx for me.