Connect from home-assistant to Tahome switch

I want to make a link from home assistant with my Somfy TaHome switch (central hub) but that uses a pairing code that is made via Apple Home Kit.
My TaHoma switch appears to be already connected to a device, which one is unknown to me.
Does anyone know how to remove it from the TaHome Switch.
The Somfy helpdesk 0.3 €/min did not think it was their problem and that I had to connect to Homey or Apple while the pairing-code is in their device. They have full access to the TaHoma switch which is at my house because it also went wrong during the installation and the installer contacted Somfy and the problem was quickly solved.
Any tip is welcome.

Kind greetings, Frank

I’m not sure why they would suggest that as I can’t see that Homey comes into the equation at all.

When I had a similar issue with my LightWave hub it was Lightwave that had to reset it.

Hi Adrian,

I didn’t have either no clue at all why I would have to contact homey or Apple for this problem with their device.