Capability for time-of-day setting

I have a need for setting a time-of-day value in a device. I can’t find a capability type / uiComponent suitable for this. I am only interested in HH:MM, so I guess I could represent it as a number (minutes since midnight), but using a slider uicomponent for that is not very nice. Am I missing something?

You are not missing anything, there is no UI for that.

Would a flow action also be ok?
I used two numeric arguments, hh with range 0…23 step 1 and mm with range 0…59 step 1. Then you get two input fields with a slider.
For a device, there is no UI component for this use case.
In device settings, you could add two numeric fields, but you have to check valid input in onSettings( ).

I am a bit surprised that there is no such thing, but maybe that’s typically too high-level for a device. I can use a custom picker with entries for 00:00, 00:10, 00:20 and so on and map that to time in the code using the entry ID, but it is a bit cumbersome.