Can't log in to my Homey Pro Early 2023 or Homey support

After trying to delete my old homey pro 2019 from my account i can’t login to my new Homey Pro 2023 and get the error message “Too many requests” when i try to logon to Homey support.
When i log in to the app it is just spinning and the webapp i just logs me out again.

What do I do, just wait until some time had passed or how do I contact Atom for support without login in?


Create a second Athom Account and Log in to Support to request a fix for you first account?

But maybe it will unlock faster than the response from support…
You never know but I would try it and see if it keeps locked your Ticket is in the queue…

Is this the same Account you user for the Community ? @chrinaldini

It all sorted out after an hour, it was probably too many attempts and I was blocked for a while…
Thanks for response!

I have also this problem today. Do i need to make a second account?

I didn’t need to, it started working again after an hour without trying to log in…
Give that a shoot and if not then second account I guess.

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