Can’t find my Harmony Hub

Instead of using IFTTT, I would like to connect directly my Homey to my Harmony Hub.
Fortunately, there is a Homey app for that.
Unfortunately, it says that it don’t find my Harmony Hub.
I saw that Homey and the Harmony Hub were not on the same wifi network.
So I made sure to have Homey, the Harmony Hub and the iOS device that I use with the Homey app on the same wifi network. It still doesn’t work.
Any idea ?
Your help will be appreciated.

Hello Chris,
First try to pair with wifi 5GHz turned off.
Check if IP addresses of Homey and Harmony are on the same subnet
F.i. 192.168.1.x

Here’s the Harmony app topic of the developer for additional info

Dear Peter,
Thank you for trying to help.
I turned 5G wifi off and confirmed that both IP adresses are in the same subnet. Didn’t work.
I will try in the developer thread.
Have a good evening.

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