Can I make 'top down bottom up' pleated blinds automated?

Hi all, so we’ve got 2 ‘top-down bottom-up’ pleated blinds in our living room. I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to make them smart?

Pictures below as reference:

I do not know if existing blinds can be electrified. I suspect this is difficult because if the motor for the top part is able to be sent below the bottom or vice versa, the cords will hang loose and entangle. Also any locking mechanism for the cords that is probably now present in the blinds will get in the way.

I am developing the [APP] Motion Blinds and I am currently working on support for Top Down Bottom Up support for a smart blind with built in rechargeable motors that will be available in the near future. These will have built in support to prevent the problem above, both mechanically and in the software.

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Inmiddels zijn de Top Down Bottom Up gordijnen die ik hierboven noemde verkrijgbaar bij o.a. Kwantum. In de configurator voor bijvoorbeeld de onderstaande gordijnen kun je kiezen voor Elektrisch. Deze kunnen via Homey integreren met de Motion Blinds app. (Daar heb je wel een hubje á 65 euro voor nodig dat Kwantum helaas niet verkoopt, maar Hornbach wel):