Calling script from within script

I want to call a script from wihtin another script.
I tried this, no errors but also the script called is not executed. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with the code.

let HomeyScript= await Homey.apps.getApp({id:“com.athom.homeyscript/”});

I also need to pass some parameters, but tried the simple version first.
Tried several variations on the syntax, but no luck. What am I missing ?
Any help appreciated.
Thanks Theo

I think HomeyScript does not have permission for HomeyScript? (This would be true by default).

However, you can execute a HomeyScript flowcard with the correct arguments: homey.flows.runFlowcard (or something like that :wink: )

Has anyone an idea who this could work???

Can you explain me, how i get the id of an script?

Open the list of scripts on, open your browser’s developer console, open the “Network” tag, reload the page, then look at the response for the request to /api/app/com.athom.homeyscript/script