Broadlink TC2 wall switch connection

Does anybody have ideas how to connect Broadlink TC2 wall switch with homey? broadlink rm pro exists.

Are they supported by the broadlink app on homey? You can see that if you go to the the app pages. If not… wel make a request to the devolper of the app.

no it doesn’t exist in broadlink app, I wonder if it can be added as RF remote or so? I am trying to learn RF code via broadlink app and have no success. Or do I correct understand how tc2 switch are connected with rm pro? I hope that rm pro sends RF command… what I am actually trying to reproduce via broadlink app.

here is just a simple 433 mhz wall switch, does any solution present?

as tc-2 wall switches haven’t been added into homey broadlink app, the question is still open, does anybody know how to add these switches into homey in other way. RMpro is present.