Best indoor Motion Sensor?

What is your experiences - which is the best indoor motion sensor for Homey so far?
Likely with lumen-detection.

For Z-wave (own experience):

Fibaro FGMS-001, but those things swallow (expensive) batteries. Had to change them every 2 months.
Now i have the Neo Coolcam NAS-PD01Z. Already lasting longer on the same type of battery and still 100%.

For Zigbee it seems that the Aqara motion sensors are good. Don’t use them myself though.

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The aqara sensors work just fine. Battery life is really good. More than 1 year.
Only down side is the sensor look after motion 1 minute later for new motion. (there is a hack for this)

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On Z-wave I find the best fit with batteries, Fibaro FGMS-001. Fast, never misses a bit after the Homey antenna mod .
Expensive on batteries but I get some good ones from a local shop and depends of the location of the sensor and how accurate I want the Lux reports, some go over one year on before require to be replaced.

Second on batteries that reports lux reliable is Aeotec Multisensor 6. However, this one I personally find it the BEST if continuously powered by USB. Else, it used 2x batteries than Fibaro and boy, it eats them for breakfast.

I have some Aqara, too. Cheap sensors, battery last a lot haven’t changed mines for over a year now. But if you want lux reporting, then you need to trigger them for motion.

Sure other members here have their own opinions, too.

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Have the fibaro here witch often holds on to a motion, so zone’s are on all the time. Have coolcam witch function great and now waiting for the aquara. Witch idd seems to be good working

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Aeotec Multisensor 6 here, with rechargeable batteries, and a few on USB power, working great.


Can you tell me more about the hack? :slight_smile:

Use them on USB power, never had any problem with them. :ok_hand:


I had the Fibaro but replaced it for the Neo coolcam. The Neo response faster than the Fibaro

Could you provide a link for the Neo Coolcam?

What is the reason for changing the Neo Coolcam to the Aqara?

The Aqara: It doesn’t seems like it has the lux reporting? Is that correct?

you can find plenty on aliexpress

It reports lux but it only triggers when there is motion. Other sensors triggers on lux change even with no motion but not for the aqara.

Testing it. Sometimes even the coolcam het stuck. Someone on this forum said it would even work better

Philips hue (zigbee)
Very small and looking good.
Dont eat a lot of batteries.
Via the hue bridge working fine, good and quick response. But not a lot of adjustments
Directly linked to homey (without bridge) the spresponse sometimes takes very long (should be solved by the long awaited zigbee rewrite) but the app provides a lot of adjustment to the sensor (min/max samole time etc)

So when youuse themon the bridge working fine.
Without the bridge,only usable if fast response is not required.

Update: just noticed a new post that states the app has a new owner.
And I see a new verions being created :

Got that one. You can also find this on aliexpress

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Hi aagaards,
Probably a stupid question but what the lumen detection is for ?
to report a motion only under certain lumen condition ?
Which usage would you have ?

Thank you for your question.
My plan is to create flows based on lux-value and geo-presence (turn on light when lux vakte is X and Im at Home).

And a flow based on lux-value and motion.
Eg: im not at Home but my parentes take Care of children - when a certain lux-value is true and motion is detected, then the lights turns on