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Behind the magic

I was wondering when the Behind the magic October is released. Since i am a proud kickstarter backer i almost read every blog item and anxiously waiting for the oktober edition.

Just to be sure… This is not a question about when v2.0 is released. Just interested in what is happening at Athom HQ and if the holiday stress didn’t kill anyone.

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Behind the Magic is published first Friday in a new month. So the August edition should be published today 7/9. September edition 5/10 and October edition 2/11

I can confirm that the behind the magic of the previous month will always be posted on the first friday of the next month. For example, the Behind the Magic of August will be posted today (first friday of september):slight_smile:

–> https://blog.athom.com/behind-magic-august-2018/

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Aaah i thought the last Friday… should have waited 4 more hours :sweat_smile:
Going to read it now