Beginner: how to design a good flow | like prevent repetition when its unwanted

It’s quite hard to get an overview of the possibilities because of the absence of a full list of WHEN, AND, THEN-cards and the options for each card.

I want a vacuum to clean if everyone has left the house. But not always when we leave the house (that is: just once a day (first time) instead of every time we leave that day).
I can imagine that you set a boulean. And reset that every night?

So is that a good flow? And where is good documentation about all the options, cards and settings? :slight_smile:

Whether it is a good or a bad flow is probably something everyone has to decide for himself. Some create their routines with few flows but at the same time with many cards. Others create multiple flows with a smaller number of cards per flow.

But yes, the flow will work and I would probably do the same.

Rudimentary instructions can be found on the Athom website.
If there is a documentation of all build-in possibilities, I don’t know.
But in the community there are several tutorials and you will always get help.

What I would do:

1.You need to set up presence detection (search the forum, many ways to do that

  1. Create a boolean or virtual device “cleaning is done”
  2. when everybody has left the house and “cleaning is done”=Off activate the flow that starts the cleaner,
  3. In that same flow set The virtual device “cleaning is done” to On
  4. Reset the “cleaning is done” at a specific time

Like fantross mentioned, how you build your flow is very personal.I am a huge fan of many flow with a few cards. Want to know why?nread my post “how to structure your flows”

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Perhaps a good place to start. Some random guy decided he had enough time to create these tutorials. Don’t ask me why he did it:

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