Bearer Token

Hi All,

I’m currently building a Magic Mirror; a very nice project. I have installed a module to integrate data from Homey into the Magic Mirror. The module configuration requires the following info;

config: {
debug: false,
homeyIp: “”,
sections: [

I have tried to retrive bearer tokens, but no matter what I try I can;t get it to work. I have debugged the code from the MagicMirror and no faults are found - so I assume the bearer token is not functioning properly, I retreived the token from the website, is that the correct token?




Tnx never knew what the little magnifying glass was for…

Question remains, I don’t feel confident if I have the correct token as it formated like:


I have replaced some digits so not the actual bearer token :wink:

Think you need only the part behind the last dash (-), so starting with e9b77ae04…
or after : starting with 16c24… only hex characters as far as I know.

You see - no as easy as you might think hence the question.

Anyone else that can provide some guidance? All I want to do is extract betterlogic value’s (and/or switch status) to a MagicMirror

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Did you find the answer on this issue? I’m also trying to extract the values on MagicMirror. My MM screen shows only MMM Homey BetterLogic loading… I dont know is my bearertoken correct or anything else😆