Athome quality board for apps

I have to agree with @Russell_S and Mathias.
Athom is being plainly hypocritical about 3rd party apps and developers.
They advertise the devices support delivered by the 3rd party apps but when issues occur athom washes hands off them completely.

Athom can’t fix their own apps either. Their update broke all my Hue integration with their own app and they cannot resolve it in my case for months. They’re blaming me for ‘software and flows installed on my Homey’. Hey, all of it is your own sw and apps you approved on your store.

My conclusion is that connectivity is hard and combined with software is too much for athom. They not up to technical and business challenges this poses. There are too few great developers and businesses is lacking vision.

They should be racking millions in investments(probably in the States), because they have a kind of working product and potential for subscription model and all. Expand devs pool and get the proper support. But there’s probably a reason why they were unable to do that. It’s a bit amateurish operation that has not fully come out of the garage yet.


Here is another fallout of the hue issues. Athom wrote that I “ demanded service not owed in any way, but received nonetheless as a courtesy.”
This is how they see their responsibility to customers. I guess they’re quite smart to be that stupid so I have to file under “that’s the way we roll”.

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