Athom Cloud API module not found

Hello everyone, i try to use the AthomCloudAPI (from : to retrive all the devices present in my homey.
But it seems that the app crash because it cannot find the dependency.


For now i just wanted to have the simple devices list as in the exemple, but it crash instanly…
Here is the little code snipped i have currently (the same of the one of the doc)

Any idea on what i’m missing there ? I use as you can see the clientId and the clientSecret of the doc, for local development, but i don’t find anyway to import the AthomCloudAPI directly, i though it would be part of the Homey plugin install.

Did you install it as a dependency?

npm install homey-api

(inside your app’s directory)

Also, if you want to use homey-api inside your app there’s a much easier way: HomeyAPI - Homey Web API

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indeed i forgot to do the npm install… (rooky mistake)
i will dig a bit on the Homey Web Api it seems a lot easier thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ll like this !