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Same overhere, Hervé. I suspect something has changed @ openweathermap.
I did not install the “16 days” card before, so I can’t tell if it did work earlier.
The 5-day ahead card does work. I use them for the weather Now, the weather in 3h and 24h
Maybe the 5-days ahead device is of any use.
Else you can try the knmi app. Didn’t use that, and no info about how many days ahead so you’ll have to install, try and find out.

Hi Anne,

First of all, thank you for your great app! I’m using it in a lot of flows, for example to set my thermostat depending on the cloud coverage and temperature later in the morning. But, is it possible to add 1 hour intervals? Apparently openweathermap supports it, and it would be great for Homey as well.

For example: when it stops raining I don’t want all my screens and terrace roof with horizontal “blinds” to open and close too often, when it starts raining again soon. Three hours is a bit too much, but one hour would be great. Is this something you can add to your app? If I can help you with anything like testing, please let me know.


The app is orphaned at the moment, Thomas @TKroon. We’ll have to keep an eye open for a new devop.

But, you might like this, it uses 1hr intervals:

Hello guys. Where can I find all possible options for “Description”? Now I see for example “clear sky”. Which are all the rest?

I’m not 100% sure, but I guess here:


The same as @fantross I guess, these were sent by mail from Openweathermap the other day:
(Scroll all the way down)

Hi if I want to trigger When: Temperature becomes less than -5C and the tempreature is -6C the flow start running? thx

No I Want to flow if outside temperature is becomes less than-5 and is weekdays set Honeywell evoheme custom tempreture like this flow.

Hello, I’ve been using OWM app successfully for a very long time to get current weather.

Recently however I created a second “device” - OpenWeatherMap forecast. And it doesn’t work - it doesn’t fetch data, all sensors are blank. API key is the same, location the same… So I have two questions:

  • Do you know anything I could try to fix the problem
  • Is there some log / debug mode / diagnostic information where I could look into to check what’s wrong?

Which “forecast”? The “15 days” type doesn’t work here, the “5 days” type works like a charm.
In theory only the API key is needed. Location is provided by Homey.

I’m talking about 16-day forecast.

You said “doesn’t work here”… well it is in the app, so I supposed it would work :slight_smile: Is it some known bug?

Yes I meant the 16 day forecast.
I’ve waited for days, created different 16-day devices with different “days ahead” settings.
But no data at all.
With the 5-day forecast it all works fine.
And, let’s be honest, often 24hr forecasts are way off, so 16 days forecasts are pretty useless (to me) imho :upside_down_face::wink:

So it can be a bug in the app, or someting wrong with the OWM API.

Unfortunately this app is “orphaned” at the moment, so no one is going to check & fix things.
If you know someone who will take ownership for this app?

In fact what I want to get is the maximum temperature of today - and 16-days forecast with daily grouping seemed the easiest way. Right now i can’t imagine how can achieve my goal with 3-hour grouping in homey.

I’m sorry to hear that the app is abandoned - and I don’t know anyone who would have will, time and knowledge to maintain it.

Thanks for information!

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I use the 3 hour interval of the 5 day forecast for x day ahead.
Entering “8” will get the forecast of 24hrs ahead, “16” 2 days ahead, “24” 3 days ahead and so forth.

I’ve understood the min & max temperature values aren’t usable, so better use just “Temperature”.
If you start the flow at noon, you’ll pretty much get the maximum temperature of tomorrow.
If you start the flow at 6AM, make sure the 3-hour interval is set to “10”. That gives you a forecast of 30hrs, the temperature at noon the next day.

The min & max temperature values aren’t real:

As far as I know, OWM changed the API and their cost model some time ago. The 16 day forecast is now chargeable and is probably therefore no longer supported.

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I just installed app. It is getting installed but when I want to create a flow I can not choose the app??
I have restarted Homey and reinstalled the app. Same result.
Dont work for me.

Hi, you have to create a device and use this for reading values or use in flows.

Thanks! It works now👍

Hello Anne,

I hope you still receive eMails from this community…
I’m interested in continue app development for this app. Even if it needs some rewrites based on the new API (and perhaps breaking changes). It would be too bad to leave this app unsopported.

So please feel free to transfer the app to my account. I can clone your github version (is it up to date?) to continue.



Nice to hear, Ronny. I like this app a lot!