[App][Pro] Zone Memory - Save and Restore Device Configurations

Hi @kinglevel ,
I got a suspicion but I need to test against that. I have seen a slight change in behaviour whilst updating a different app, which might be related to this.
I will look into it asap.

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Hotfix v3.0.1 coming right now. Shoud fix the sub zones issue.



not sure it has been already reported, but searching for devices (filter) when creating flow, doesn’t work unfortunately, same for Zone selection…
Thank you.

Hi @Sharkys,
I am not aware of such an issue. Both search boxes work as expected for me.
Do you get any errors popping up in the homey app when trying to?
If you have a large amount of devices or zones it might take a moment until the selection shows.
Can you reproduce this and send me a diag report for the app, maybe I can see something in the logs.

I mean (same behavior in the mobile app) :


Ahh gotcha. I will have a look into that. It might be that the search filter is not respected.

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Fixed in coming v3.1.1 release

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Is it possible to use tags (variables) when restoring a zone? Its currently only allowed when saving a zone i think? I would be very nice if i also can use it for loading. (otherwise i need a flow for every preset)

Hi @psy0rz,
you mean using a tag for the name of the preset when loading?
If so, that is indeed not possible. It would imply a change on how I handle the stored datasets. I can look into that but cannot give you an ETA at the moment.

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yep indeed :slight_smile:

i use it to select light “scenes” in my living room.

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Hi! I love this app, but I find it cumbersome to use. So I want to suggest a few things that would be very helpful in the way I use the app:

  1. Is it possible to have a “then” flow card that can save a zone, but without me having to specify every single behavior? Maybe “Save state of specific device type in Zone” and/or one that just saves everything by default?
  2. Can you make that JSON string editable in the app settings, so that I can change the saved state without restoring it and then re-save it?
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Yeah. Am not overly happy with the way it is at the moment either. In fact I am planning to split the stuff up into one card for each device class for storing. But I cannot give an ETA, yet.

The feedback on this was very sparse. I can make it editable from there in theory, but validating the data to be saved is a bit tricky. I might introduce an experimental feature for this in a future release.


In regards to the JSON editable stuff, I would personally be happy with a huge “POWERUSERS ONLY” disclaimer without validation :slight_smile:

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Would you consider making the source code public?
Also - I’d love to be able to restore only a part of the zone it saved to. I.e. only restore to a child zone or a device.

The current data model does not allow for that in a convinient manner.
I will think about it next year. The internals need quite some redesign.

I hear ya! What are your thoughts about publishing the source code? I might be able to contrib :slight_smile:

Simply cannot make this work. No matter if I try to restore a zone or a specific device, the color is always set to white.

Probably the order in which device capabilities are restored is relevant for your device, most likely because capabilities are not 100% independent.

I’ve tried single devices, and nothing works.

Single devices have multiple capabilities, especially color bulbs. So it may be your devices don’t play nice with trying to set all capabilities in the order they are presented.