[APP][Pro] Virtual Devices - Virtual Devices to simulate 1 or more real devices

Yeah, but you can better use AVD’s from the Device Capabilities App.

You can solve this in a couple of ways directly right now (Buttons that you enable disable etc).
But the most neat way would be to use a “picker”:

I can create a custom list for you in the DC App:

What i would need from you is a filled JSON with all it’s values, in NL, EN en DU, like this:

      "title": {
        "en": "Schedule, Until, Manual, Off Until, Off"
      "values": [
          "id": "smartschedule",
          "title": {
            "en": "Follow Smart Schedule",
            "nl": "Volg slim schema",
            "de": "Dem intelligenten Zeitplan folgen"
          "id": "untilnextblock",
          "title": {
            "en": "Until next time block",
            "nl": "Tot aan volgend tijdsblok",
            "de": "Bis zum nächsten Zeitblock"
          "id": "manual",
          "title": {
            "en": "Manual",
            "nl": "Handmatig",
            "de": "Manuell"
          "id": "offuntilnextblock",
          "title": {
            "en": "Off until next time block",
            "nl": "Uit tot aan volgend tijdsblok",
            "de": "Aus bis zum nächsten Zeitblock"
          "id": "off",
          "title": {
            "en": "Off",
            "nl": "Uit",
            "de": "Aus"

If you send that to me, with the values etc. that you need, you will be able to select this list as a picker in a Advanced Virtual Device like the picture below.
Please note, the best way is if you give me also the ID’s for each values, the way the values really are (the ones you recieve through the Request). That way, setting them through a flow or using the value (when set through the Homey App) is much easier, you will not need to convert any values.

(This picker can be set through flowcards also ofc.)

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I am not sure if this is a thing that can be done, but I’ll ask it anyway.
We have an old not so smart sauna, but I do want to make it a bit smart. I installed a temperature sensor in it.

So, I have a flow that give me a push when the sauna temperature is a certain degrees higher than the room temperature, to see if it’s on or off.
I also have a push when the sauna reaches its temperature to use it.

For a better overview I would like to have a virtual device that I can turn on and off through that flow I mentioned. And I would like it to show the temperature as indicator on the tile.

Is such a thing possible?


Yeah, but i am not sure if you can with Virtual Devices (this app).

But you can with Advanced Virtual Device from Device Capabilities.

I am not sure of VD can have an onoff AND temperature propertie in one.
AVDs can, im sure, you can make it how you want youself.

Hey renzo, did you manage it with the AVDs?

I’ve played with it, yes. But I wasn’t able to show something on the tile of the device. I’ve tried it first with our cat. The cat door registers if he’s outside or inside. But to display that text (plus an added number (of times he went outside)) is quite difficult…

For the sauna it would almost be the same: with a temperature check the tile should be switched on or off and it has to display the temperature of the sensor.

On both I get a status page with that information, but I cannot display it on the tile as a status.

I am not sure what you mean by that?
Please take a look at this (importable) AVD Example:

It describes how you can set the Status Indicator of a device.
Please note to select the indicator through the Homey Mobile App → Device → Settings – Status Indicator.

Sorry for the choice of words. Being Dutch, typing in English with a Dutch Homey setup mixes things around! :wink:

But I see what I did wrong: I didn’t select the status indicator! Got it now.

I think there can be some improvement in the manual/instructions. I am not doing really well on examples, but just knowledge. Then I can make it my own. I’d really like to help with it if you want, I can imagine that this is a powerful app.

One question for now: how do I know what images are the pictograms? It just says device 1, device 2, …

Agreed, already have been working hard on the AVD creation screen to (first) imrpove that.
But you’re always welcome to offer idea’s on which texts should be placed where.

Goto the App Settings → Custom icons:

In English, the marked text says:
Double click on a name to give it a description, that will be visible when selecting icons.

If I may interfere :upside_down_face:
I think the confusion was because you did not mention you were talking about the mobile app tiles.
Because in that case, you indeed have to select the status indicator yourself afterwards, most of the time. Otherwise it stays blank. As you’ve discovered now :wink:

Or was it something else?

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When i use the card set modus on without any trigger then this is not working.

I would expect that the card only switches from OFF to ON status and further nothing.

But when when you use a flow trigger card: when (virtual device) is turned ON then this is also executed when you use the above flow card.

I think that should not happen when you use this card, only the state in Homey should change but it should not trigger any other flows/actions.

Please show the flowcards you mean?

So the first schreenshots set status without trigger and the second screenshot starts a flow when the status is turned ON, that last flow should not run when the first one is executed but it does.
All the flows with simular flow cards are started when the option is used to set without trigger.

Hey @B3rt ,

For the second screenshot, you will need another trigger/when card.
The Turned On/Off card is a default Homey card which i cannot control.
There is however another (custom) when card, which is onky triggered when wanted.

ok thx, i will look into that

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Dear Developer of Virtual Devices,

Maybe I was blind in the app or too lazy te read it all here But what I miss as Virtual Device is an electricity Meter (single & double meter/measurements), a gas meter in (cubik meters (=m³) a water meter(in liters or cubikmeters(=m³) (or gallons for Non-EU etc.)) and a distance HouseWarming(=stadsverwarming) (in GJ).

I was trying to measure my daily/weekly and monthly usage of electricity, Housewarming & Water and to save (and show) it in the home app/webinterface by the daily/weekly & mothly VD electricity/housewarming & water meter.
But could find for some of them the appropriate VD Device with its right measurement Unit (Kwh/GJ/l(=liters/cubik meters(=m³).

(to type m³ type “m” and then Hold the ALT KEY while typing 0179 and then release the ALT key to get “³” :wink: )

Could you please maybe help and think about it to add it ??

Thank You.

Hi, Also my question is how I could synch a mode(ON/OFF) with its logic variable (Yes/No) and vice versa.

I Have at least 2 Modes created at the moment : Whisper (Mode) & DnD (DoNotDisturb) (Mode).

I want to sync their State to the logic/Homey Yes/NO Variables : “Whisper” and “DnD” and vice versa.

Somehow I can’t get it right so any help would be very appreciated.

(and Same for some logic/Homey number variables to a Virtual device that accepts/requires numer input).

Thank You very much.

For the status field you can add ANY text you like in the flowcard, like m³ or :uk: :netherlands: or °F
The value you can use the tag from the device which holds the value, like your electricity meter reader

For the numeric fields, you can add whatever text you like, to the “Units” field. I just search for, like, cubic meters and then just copy/paste the symbol

Mobile tile:

When you need more examples, just ask, and also you can take a look here

Can you define from which device or app mode(OnOff) is to be found?

You can use a numeric field

And feed it with this flow:

When you use Better Logic variables, a flow is not needed:
BL variable = false:

BL variable = true:

Thank You very Much. is this done with the “Device Capabilities” APP and not the “normal/standard” " Virtuele Apparaten" APP ?? (because the orange icon in your 2nd screenshot (right to “Set Num_variable to” .

I Just want to add these Modes/States (Like WHISPER & DnD (=DoNotDisturb) additional TO HOME/AWAY & Awake/SLEEPING to define more accurate some actions / Push messages or (Google) TextToSpeech or volume of (auto) playing Music/radio in my Toilet/Bathroom (when motion detected) when Theses Modes are ON/off. And Only the standard Homey logic variables ssems to be persistant after a crash/restart of Homey. (and at the moment My Homey Pro 2023 (rc.65) is crashing a lot(red pulse) or just stops working (white pulse for 1 hour or more until I cut the power).

Can you somehow link it also to a logic variable like you can do to a BLL variable please.

And adding some Icons as a (gas/electricity/water/distance heating (=stadsverwarming) meter would be very much appreciated.

Thank You.

By Theses permissions: :

Volledige toegang tot Homey om alles te bedienen namens de gebruiker

" ??

Please Forgive me and please don’t take it personally but I am always a liitle bit scared and suspicious to grant full access to an APP/software of (quite) unknown origin because of privacy and security reasons.
ÿou never know cant be sure what info gets where or could be done with this kinds of access (by the developers for example.)
Can’t it be done with less access in particular for my problem or overall for the " Device Capabilities" APP in general.

Thank You

I don’t know what You mean by that. (by the way I’m dutch : Zo we kunne ook nederlands praten als dat makkelijker is. :sunglasses:)

Well, you can check the sourcecodes, there all open on bitbucket for everyone to check (all my public apps are).
But no, the dc app would not function without it, and with reflection and react on AVD, it’s needed.
This permission means i use the homey-api, which is needed to read devices, tags, variables, etc.
But it cannot really control EVERYTHING, but it can read almost anything yeah.
But TEF, AVD and all other flowcards, like Set all devices in a Zone, need the homey-api/athom-api.

You’re welcome.
My bad, this is not done with the ‘standard’ Virtual Devices app, but indeed with the Device Capabilities app. I did not pay (enough) attention to the app topic.

That is, if possible, an option for an Advanced Virtual Device.
It’s up to Arie, and you’d best create an issue as type "feature request for that, so Arie can keep track on his changes and requests.
You can find the link to the issue tracker by going to the app store, look up the app, scroll down to “support” or “Issues - Report an issue”

In the meantime, you can get/set Homey logics with an AVD using flows.

You can use any .svg icon you like,
but the AVD has a huge set of icons to choose from

I see now you mean “mode” as VD device. I never got that working (or don’t understand how it should work).
Yes I’m also Dutch, but the topics in here are language specific. App topics like this one are in English, so Dutch and non-Dutch have access to all the info in here. :upside_down_face:

I’m wondering, why do you trust Google, when you’re concerned about your privacy and security?