[APP][Pro] Virtual Devices - Virtual Devices to simulate 1 or more real devices

Not sure that there is but, have a look at
[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Device Capabilities App for Homey | Homey

Hey Dennis,

In the Advanced Virtual Device - Forum from Device Capabilities - Forum you can fully configure as many fields as you would like, and each of the default functions (fields/ShowAs) that Homey has is supported.

If you need help, let me know, i can create a AVD and Share The Device! - Forum even with the Flows in it: The Flow Exchange(r) - Forum.

And if something is missing, DC and the AVDs is fully worked on, so just let me now.
(Custom Dropdowns are on the list, just haven’t found a “real” solution yet, only a very dirty one.)

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You got to be kidding me. This is insanely fantastic! No more boundaries.

Thank you @Arie_J_Godschalk. I let you know when I need help, but first I’m going to fiddle around myself.

Again, thanks!!!


Yes you can now: with the Advanced Virtual Device from Device Capabilities: [APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Advanced Virtual Device with Unique Text Status Indicator

You can have custom icons for capabilities/ fields, and as many fields as you would like.

If you have questions, let me know!

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With Device Capabilities AVD, you can have a text status indicator on the device tile: [APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Advanced Virtual Device with Unique Text Status Indicator

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Look at the AVD Template for Unique Text Status Indicator on Device Tile

Take a look at the AVD Template: Changing a button/field name through flows
It also shows the custom icon you can pick for a list of 80 custom icons, that you can set to any default icon or your own!


Yes you can, see the AVD of DC.


Take a look at the AVD of DC; you can add and change fields whenever, and set the decimals, min/max and step just how you want it!

Hey @Bonden , take a look at the AVD’s of the DC App.
Not only can you change a device icon after creation, you can alter the field/capability icons just how you like it.
Take a look at the AVD Template for Living Room Example, it has three nice custom icons.
Well, maybe the icons are not that nice, but you can even upload your own icon!

Hey @Heula, take a look at the App Device Capabilities, it has an Advanced Virtual Device that you can configure anywhich way you want!

Hey @nytro , with the AVD from DC you can! There are flow cards (which you can execute from HS i guess :wink: ) with which you can set values!

@Arjan-21 , yes you can, with AVD from DC!

Hey @Bulletcather , did you figure this out? If not, you can with the AVD’s from DC!

Haha nice one! But i guess/hope you have allready changed this now you have a beter way? :stuck_out_tongue:

@MatsHansen , yes you can now! You can add as many as you want and you can give it custom names and units even!

Hey @R5Turbo, i don’t now if you are still looking for a way, but i just created an AVD for you: Slider with 3 steps (0%, 50% and 100%).

These Advanced Virtual Devices can be easily created:

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Thanks Arie, Gonna try it out, but sounds great!

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If I read the beginning op the post @Arie_Laxed likes to have this app developed by some other talent. Is there already someone on it for the 2023 version? This is for me a basic used app because of the without no trigger option that the experiment homey option not have for toggle switches/ modes.

I see a lot of app transfers to @Arie_J_Godschalk for example?

Thanks Robinjo,

I just PM-ed the developer to see how things are with this app and if it can be transfered.

The Virtual Devices App has just been transfered to me by @Arie_Laxed

That means:

  • It will be updated to SDK3.
  • Sourcecode will me moved over to BitBucket where a new issue/support-ticket-system wil be started.
    I will (try to) work through the current issue list from GitHub, after SDK3 is done.
  • Sharing of Code, Icons, etc between the Advanced Virtual Devices from Device Capabilities App and the Virtual Devices App
  • Integration into Share Your Device and The Flow Exchange(r)
  • Now that the sourceode and VD app is in my control, i want to add a feature, based on the AVD’s:
    • The ability to change a custom device icon after creation.
      Any VD with a custom icon that was uploaded while creating the VD, can be altered after creation, just like with the AVDs. :slight_smile:
      Unfortuantly, this cannot be done with items picked from the default icons during device creation.
      I might change this for new VDs in the same way as with AVDs: wether you pick one from the defaults or upload a custom icon, you will be able to change it after creation.

Well this is just a start, currently i am starting of with setting up the develop environment, sourcecontrol, stuff like that. Then i’ll work on SDK3.


In Test now: Virtual Device Test App

Updated to SDK 3.
Who wants to test and let me know how it works, because i didn’t have any VD devices.

@Peter_Kawa and @fantross, do you have VD’s?


Yes, but I use only some light switches for on/off, that’s all.
And I’m in the process of creating these devices with ADC to reduce the number of apps I have.

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I have some virtual thermostats and switches running. App is installed. As far as I can tell so far, everything is running well.

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So you are the perfect testuser? :stuck_out_tongue:
If it breaks, you convert them?

Nah, you can always switch back to the live version, i didn’t change anything about devices or something like that. No migrations to the new version.

Do you mean AVD from DC app? Or is there another VD app?

Good to hear!

Let’s have few more people install the test and say the same (or, if i get no reponses but see a lot of test-installs, that also works :stuck_out_tongue:)!

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I have a truckload of VD devices, installing your test-version now, Arie!

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Of course I meant AVD, sorry.

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I am gonna change the topic a bit, This is a reminder message:
This is the Old Topic Post up until i, @Arie_J_Godschalk took over on 26-10-2022.

Important Note:

This app is no longer updated. It works how it works.

My last update was 15 months ago and facing reality: Homey is developing much quicker than I can keep up. With the new release of Homey Bridge and support for TypeScript, it makes sense to start from scratch and create a new Virtual Devices v2 app that follows the latest standards.

That won’t be me, though. I have different interests. Perhaps in the future…, but no, don’t wait for that.

Feel free to take the name, the ideas and even parts of the code. In fact I would like that very much.

I can advice to create several apps:

  • 1 App for pure Virtual Devices, supporting only the capabilities provided by Athom
  • 1 App for sensors, with the freedom to combine multiple (sensor-)capabilities into 1 app
  • 1 App for modes, maybe give the multi-mode a new try
  • Specific apps for specific request. E.g. Garage doors, Swimming pools, etc.

Thanks for all the compliments, questions, and help.

With kind regards,


Virtual Devices can simulate anything without using an actual interface. Well… of course within the limits that Homey provides.

There is more information, including How-to’s on GitHub Pages: Virtual Devices | virtual-devices

Please report bugs on github: Issues · ArjanKranenburg/virtual-devices · GitHub

Questions can be asked here or on Slack (@arielaxed)

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Who else can confirm that the Virtual Device App is working correct with the new SDK3 test version?

How did it go Peter?