[APP][Pro] Victron Energy

There is a new test version of the app available, 0.9.6.
There are some new features related to vehicle charging. I myself reduce max discharge from the battery when a vehicle is charging.
There is also a feature to automatically control charge current based on state of charge.
The settings for these new features are in advanced settings on the device.

When using Victron Smart Shunt (or their regular shunt) connected to the GX device it reports, among other stuff, time since last full charge.

in victron dbus world its the following register/value. Can that be accessed over MQTT?


Is a Victron shunt a requirement to see the History values? I can read those values via modbus on my setup but they all return 0.

Another “issue” is that we in such a case need to map how to address the dbus-service-name for the service com.victronenergy.battery. In my setup this is Unit ID 225 (CAN-bus BMS).
The mapping can be seen in menu “Settings → Services → Modbus/TCP → Available services”. Wonder what Unit IDs people have here in their setups.

In my install its Unit ID 226 (com.victronenergy.battery).

Would a solution be to have a input field where one has to define the Shunts ID?

I need to doublecheck with a MQTT client to my GX device that its the only place in the mqtt flow that shows time since last charge. Since the charger/inverter keeps tab of the SOC if there isnt any external shunt / BMS connected it might have that information somewhere else aswell.


@KajLehtinen Test version 0.9.7 allows you to select com.victronenergy.battery and see value of time since last full charge in advanced settings, info section + a condition to query it. Please try it out and let me know what you think.

The test version is as always available here

My system use a UnitId for com.victronenergy.vebus that is not listed as an option, it is 228.
Can you please add it, i love to use these app for my homey.


Somehow missed your reply, when setting the correct ID in Advanced settings it seems to pickup the right time in seconds since last full charge as what the Victron app & the Smartshunt reports.

Will redesign my charging flows to incorporate the time since full charge and let you know if there are any incosistencys


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There is a new test version available (0.9.9) which includes vebus id 228 - let me know if it works as expected.

Hi, in my GX device the com.victronenergy.battery Unit ID is 224 which is not an option in the setup. Could you please add ID 224
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Version 1.0 on it’s way :+1:

Version 1.0.1 in test phase.
Changes the consumption property of the device to be recognised in Homey Energy as a smart meter.

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Thanks for the update, GX is connected to Homey now. Next step is using the possibilities

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I’ve been searching for a 12V system that could be connected to Homey. So Victron seemed like the right choice and in combination with this app it would be great.

So now I’m done with this but I’m not able to connect it to Homey. As I almost only use 12V I have no big inverter. I have a small one but it’s connected by VE Direct.

But if I understand it right I need an inverter connected by Vebus, so I can get a valid UnitId for com.victronenergy.vebus, to be able to connect it to Homey. Or am I missing something?

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Hello, I have a Problem about integrating the GX into the Homey system
I know the IP address of the GX and also the Victron VEBus ID.
But I don’t have the Battery ID. Can anyone help me ?
The error message is: Connected successfullyton GX Device but Victron Energy Battery ist invalid


anyone an idea ?

Any chance that the Carlo Gavazzi smart energy meter EM24-E1AV2X will be implemented ?

Br.: Claus

Hi, this is an old tread but hope I can still get some help.

Has anyone successfully interfaced Victron GX - Homey - Tibber ? Basically get the energy price from Tibber and control a Multiplus to charge the battery accordingly.

Thanks for the help in advance.


Not sure what you mean. I would assume any Victron supported energy meter added to the Victron system would work already. Or do you mean to support this energy meter without connecting it to a Victron GX device?

I have the same setup myself but essentially controlled it manually. Maybe now with the new advanced flows, it would be easier to come up with something smart. I’m eager to learn if there is something to add/change in the app to make it easier to build something like this.

I have no Victron GX device, have no idea what it is :wink:
I have only the metioned Carlo Gavazzi Meter with Modbus TCP/IP interface
I would like to use data from this to control when to start/stop my boiler and more…

Could this be possible?

Sorry, this app only works with a GX device.